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Eagle-Eye is a system dedicated to remote assistance and consists of series of devices and software developed by ErreUno. It allows to remote access to each connected resources and it allows to connect to any device which has an ethernet or serial connection (PC, PLC, control cards, HMI, IP cameras, inverters, etc.). The system is made up of a dedicated private server and a gateway, to create a secure and reliable VPN. Eagle-Eye reduces the time and costs of system setup and maintenance. Furthermore, with the help of Eagle Glasses you can see the operation of a machine in real time, wherever it is located. Eagle-Eye allows to create a centralized, reliable and secure remote assistance system. Security is guaranteed through encrypted connections and by the presence of the physical key (for all Eagle-Eye gateways), which allows to enable or disable connections. In this way, the user can decide if and when the connection can actually be active. Access to control panels are managed by a login with username and password. The system is extremely reliable thanks to a stable TCP / IP connections, a dedicated VPN, and devices made specially for industrial environment. Eagle-Eye is an intuitive system: the control panel allows to find all the desired settings in a very simple way, making to very fast connection and synchronization procedure of devices.


Among the main components that make up the EAGLE-EYE remote assistance system, there is the EYE-GW00 industrial gateway.
This device is designed to be used in harsh environments (as are the industrial ones) and at the same time extremely intuitive to install and use thanks to intuitive web interface that allows the user to perform upgrades and configure the object remotely. The gateway guarantees the creation of secure, stable and reliable connections, allowing the use of numerous devices for augmented reality such as smart glasses, smartphones or tablets.

Both the server and the EAGLE-EYE gateways are manageable through an extremely intuitive web interface. This interface acts as a real control panel, which gives the user the ability to quickly make the connection of one or more VPNs, manage them, configure them and connect to any device connected to the system through gateways. EAGLE-EYE is a system designed to reduce the costs of maintenance or testing and to save time:  the control panel allows you to find at a glance, easily all the desired settings and making any related procedure very simple and fast.

EAGLE-EYE Cloud Server:
• Dedicated to your VPN
• Unlimited physical conn.    • Up to 10 simultaneous      •Intuitive control panel          • Available on request the physical server

• Augmented Reality glasses
• Audio / video software
• Assistance and online chat
• Programmable for specific applications

numerous accessories are available, such as routers, serial converters, switches, useful to increase the versatility and power of your  system



Eagle-View allows the user to see and communicate with the operator from a remote location. The fixed location can have from a minimum of 5 concurrent connections, while the number of clients in the field are unlimited. All Android devices such as tablets, smartphones, glasses for augmented reality, can use the system by connecting to the Internet and simply installing the appropriate "EAGLE-VIEW" application



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